Photo Gallery

Audrey grooming Cody in the indoor arena.

Joann and Topper smiling after a great session together.

Samantha and Cody finishing up a riding course.

Stormi and Grandmom Sharon celebrating another milestone together at 3E's.

Sam and Topper taking things to new heights.

Cody and Elena in the cross ties.

Macie and Trigger after a good ride together.

Sam and Topper working on flexing and desensitizing.

Ethan mastering balance in our Foundations of Riding Course.

Ethan and Trigger, a sweet embrace post-ride.

Ethan and Trigger, rewarding and bonding post-ride.

Macie grooming Trigger in our Intro to Basic Horsemanship Course.

Macie leveraging her power, focus, and intention while leading Trigger in our Intro to Basic Horsemanship Course.

Frankie getting 'show ready', Spring 2022.

Audrey competing in Western Gameshow - Leadline with her Daddy, Spring 2022.

Ethan and Topper sharing a tender moment.

Ethan and Audrey, Partnered Exercise in the arena.

A very serious meeting of the minds!

Frankie will climb mountains for Ethan.

Sydney and Doc stepping up.

Audrey's Birthday Pony Party.

One proud Audrey after cleaning all her tack.